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‘e’ Procurement System Sealed tenders through e-Procurement process are hereby invited by the undersigned on behalf of the Director Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration, Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment Study & Obtaining Environment Clearance from The State Environment Impact Assessment Authority Chandigarh and NOC (Consent To Establish) form Chandigarh Pollution Control Board/Committee as required under MoEF notification No. SO 60 (E) dated 27th November 1994, amended vide No. SO 801 (E) dated 7th July, 2004 and further amendments made by the Ministry from time to time, if any for the projects: 1) Construction of New Hostel Block in Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh, 2)Construction of Physical Education Teacher Training Learning & Research Centre in PG Govt. College, Sector-11, Chandigarh, and 3)Construction of Hostel Block in PG Govt. College, Sector -46, Chandigarh.Last date to apply is 27-10-2014. Download DNIT from download tab
Tenders are invited through eProcurement/eTender system for the Sanitation Services . 1. Detailed Terms and Conditions are available in the e-Tender document. 2. Bid Document can be downloaded from the Website of Chandigarh Administration However, for general information, guidance and reference, the Bid Document can also be viewed & downloaded from PGGCG-11 website on or before 15th October 2014, 1.00PM 3. All other terms & conditions, instructions to bidder regarding e-tendering process etc. may kindly be seen from the detailed Noticed Inviting Tender (NIT) available/downloadable on the above noted website. 4. Bring original documents at the time of opening of online Technical Bid. 5. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason. Any legal matter will be dealt within the jurisdiction of U.T. Chandigarh.
Quotations for purchase of Audio Systems for Smart Classrooms. click here
Department of Computer Applications has taken a lead amongst Chandigarh Colleges by upgrading its Equipment and Infrastructure. Departmental Class Rooms and labs are now equipped with LCD Projectors and Wi-Fi Connectivity.  Certificate and Diploma courses in Web Designing and Multimedia are introduced.  

Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sec-11, Chandigarh wishes to have a pool of resource persons for speaking on various topics in various subjects/ disciplines offered in the college. Eminent scholars, teachers, retired teachers, talented young people and experts from the industry, IT, science, humanities and the business world who wish to contribute towards the dissemination of knowledge would be welcome to be a part of this resource pool. Their services will be availed as and when required
College has introduced add-on courses in Web Designing and Multimedia, Career counseling & Disaster management and a new Job Oriented Certificate Course in Office Management Under the Chandigarh Administration's Project of Women Empowerment.

Hostel Life


The college hostel has as many as 166 seats for new admission cases. In addition to these seats, the college offers an arrangement of hostel accommodation in the Govt. Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh, Govt. Polytechnic College, Sector -10 Chandigarh and New Block Working Women's Hostel, Sector-24, Chandigarh.
The candidates have to apply in advance as per the instructions given below.
The candidates have to apply in advance as per the instructions given below.
Candidates will apply on the prescribed college Admission Form contained in the prospectus.
Candidates will submit duly filled in College Admission Form to the college office on or before 04-07-2009.
Admission forms for the hostel applicants will not be accepted, if received later than 04-07-2009.
Incomplete forms will not be entertained. 
The admission is a 4 step process:
Step 1- College Admission
Step 3- Payment of the fees 
Step 2- Hostel Admission 
Step 4- Collection of the Hostel cum Pledge Form
Irrespective of the college seats, the hostel seats are limited; therefore admission to the college does not ensure the right of the candidate to the hostel seat.
 Hostel seats will be filled on the basis of the merit of the students and will be subject to their availability.
 Merit list of the hostel applicants will be displayed one day before the date of admission.
Physical presence of the candidate is compulsory on the day of admission.
Though the Hostel admission is strictly on the basis of merit, claim for the seat on merit basis will be valid only on the scheduled day of admission.
If the candidate fails to report on the day of admission due to any reason, the candidate loses her claim of  position on the merit and  her case will be considered after entire admission schedule of the college is over and the principal grants permission for the same.
Counselling for left out seats, which may fall vacant will be held on 25th July 2009, from 11.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. in the Conference Room. Students need not fill any new form for this counselling but reporting for the counselling is compulsory. Failure to report for the same will be considered as not interested in the seat.
Final counselling will be held on 8th Aug. 2009 at the same venue and at the same time.
After the candidate has been granted admission in the college as well as in the hostel, she has to pay her college and hostel dues on the same day at the Fee Counter (Consult the fee details page of the prospectus.)
In case the candidate does not pay her fee on the same day, she loses the claim to the hostel seat.
Only New Admission cases are required to pay Rs700/ as Hostel Mess Security. 
After the candidate has deposited the fee, she will collect a ‘Hostel Accommodation cum Pledge Form’ from the same Fee Counter.
The ward will bring the duly filled in ‘Hostel Accommodation cum Pledge Form’ complete in all respects on the Reporting Day and submit it to the Hostel superintendent in the hostel. 
Parents will ensure that the information given by them in the Form is correct and not misleading.
Admitted students will report to the hostel authorities in their allotted hostels one day before the commencement of the classes. (Consult prospectus).
Parents must accompany the ward on the reporting day in the hostel. Attendance of the parents on the Orientation day is compulsory.  The date of the Orientation day to be checked up at the time of admission.
Rooms in the hostels are allotted by the hostel authorities only when the students report to them.
Accommodation in Hostels of Govt. Home Science College, Sector-10, Chandigarh,
Govt. Polytechnic College, Sector-10, Chandigarh &
New Block Working Women's Hostel, Sec-24, Chandigarh.
Those who are granted admission in the college but fail to get a seat in our college hostels can opt for hostel accommodation in the Govt. Home Science College Hostel, Sector -10 and Govt. Polytechnic College Hostel, Sector-10 and New Block Working Women's Hostel, Sec-24. Chandigarh.
The parents are advised to check up the date of  reporting to Home Science College, Sec 10 / Working Women's Hostel, Sec 24 / Polytechnic College, Sec 10 at the time of admission. All those  students  who  have  been  offered  the above mentioned hostels will be issued a slip showing recommendation for a particular hostel; they are to produce that slip when they report to the hostel allotted to them.
Home Science College Hostel, Sec 10 is allotted normally ten days after the regular admissions are over and the parents are advised to make their own arrangements for stay in the intervening days. Neither the college, nor Home Science College bears any responsibility for making any boarding and lodging arrangements for these days.
Parents of the students who are offered hostels in Home Science College, Sec 10 / Working Women's Hostel, Sec 24 / Polytechnic College, Sec 10 are advised to check up with their hostel admission committee if any seats have fallen vacant in the college hostel because of non-payment of fees.
Students will be governed by the hostel rules and hostel fee structure of the college in which they are allotted hostel seats.
List of candidates will be prepared on the basis of Merit and sent to the Principals of the above mentioned colleges with favourable recommendation for Hostel accommodation.
A copy of the list of recommended students will be displayed in our college also.
The recommended candidates will buy Hostel Form from the allotted college and submit it there after filling it up.
Students will be governed by the hostel rules and hostel fee structure of the college where they are allotted the hostel seat.
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